21 March 2015

Hoe Street hangout

Hoe Street Central adds a bit of sparkle to the lifeless stretch of Hoe Street with the empty council offices and semi-derelict EMD cinema, and still some unfinished units at the Scene. It occupies just one unit of the row of shops with the wonderful 1950s wavy concrete canopy - seen here, you can make out the bottle-glass roof lights inside and out. The rest of the row remains empty for the moment.

The events started in 2013, and typically last just two weeks, finishing in time for the next event to set up and open on (I think) Saturday morning. Highlights included one of the first, Massis Tea, and House of Hoop, a hula hoop shop and workshop. The last was D4Discus women's clothing, bright sixties-inspired designs further enlivened with a few neo-pop-art paintings (also for sale at Spitalfields Market on a regular basis). Then today, it's all change as Bestowed Kitchen opens for business - meeting a healthy level of demand for cake and coffee this morning.