5 April 2015

Down Coppermill Lane

"We hope that you enjoyed your visit." Do we really need this, as if the marshes were a commercial tourist attraction? Walthamstow Marsh is as far as I know public property, managed or mismanaged on our behalf by the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority. Yes I enjoyed my "visit" which was actually just the most direct cycling route to Homerton, as well as being the most pleasant. I came back the long way by the Lea Valley riding centre because it was a nice day and all the trees and bushes were putting out little green buds. As always I rode through the railway underpass and felt mild surprise that the murals remain graffiti-free. It was a while since I went out on my racing bike (racing frame originally anyway, now a little more sedate) but on such a nice day it made sense to ride slowly and enjoy that springtime feeling. Seeing this sign added nothing to my enjoyment, quite the opposite in fact. They should think again and turn it into a community graffiti board or something. Or just spend the money on picking up rubbish.

There's a very similar sign outside Tesco Express in Forest Road which somehow fails to annoy in the same way, although come to think of it that is quite patronising too.