23 August 2015

Tagging the Standard

Three or four graffiti artists were out yesterday, finishing off the hoardings round the old Standard public house, spraying in a haze of toxic fumes. The guy in the photo put some cartoon characters into his panels, but he says they are really into graffiti not street art, other people do that. Which is their choice of course. The hoardings are there until the Standard finally gets transformed or demolished, whatever the plan is. Meanwhile we have to live with an untidy corner that rather undermines the nicely done-up shops opposite. The burst of colour is ok and you can see the skill involved in the flowing lines and precise application of outlines and highlights. But a little more imagination could have made this something to really appreciate. I don't quite get it, why not street art? But it's good to see the whole line of hoardings finished, and I'm sure there are plenty of passers-by who will love it.