6 March 2016

A downhill road?

The massive bulk of what was once Young & Co. Lea Bridge Steelworks, a four-storey factory with an Art Deco front, looms above the two-storey terraced houses on the other side of Burwell Road. Steel fabrication, not making steel from raw materials. I haven't been able to find out much about the place or the company, except that at one time they made steel frames for experimental prefabricated houses - an idea that didn't take off. The last tenants have been given their marching orders, and the whole little industrial enclave here at the end of Argall Avenue is set to be demolished. Once again, an industrial site that will be demolished to make way for too many flats shoe-horned into the plot.

The factory front is decorative, but behind that the structure stacks up to its full height in functional brick and concrete. It could be amazing if it was converted into a business centre, split up into manageable sized starter units and studios. There are less spectacular factory units along Lea bridge Road, too, some of them still occupied, but all due to be taken down. The houses across the street look like they were built in the same period, some time in the 1930s. I found a local blog that reflects on the downhill trajectory of the area, and expects the new development to do absolutely nothing for houses on the residential side of the road. Which sounds about right.