20 September 2015

The eagle has landed

An inspired image recently spray-painted on the scummy outside walls of the Hurricane Room pool hall, at the Bell end of Hoe Street (the pun was unintentional, but irresistible now it’s down in print). I was sceptical about the proposal, and commented "will scary mutant faces really be an improvement?" somewhere online, but this is great. Nature boy and his eagle, a complete escape from urban reality. The mural is by Dale Grimshaw, who is known for his sci-fi street murals around Hackney. What it doesn’t do, unfortunately, is rescue the hopelessly dilapidated, crumbling facade from years of indifferent maintenance. The mural was organised by Wood Street Walls and maybe they do plan to cover the building with colourful images. That would be something different, a landmark that might make you feel you were in Berlin or New York - or Brick Lane at least.