5 September 2015


At Grillstock on Saturday. Meat, music and mayhem they say, but despite by the amount of booze on offer the atmosphere is family friendly. Most fascinating aspect is the competitive burger-grilling thing. Each participant team has a stand where they promote themselves and produce the burgers, which then go off to the judging panel, who sit up on stage at a long table looking a bit like a re-creation of the Last Supper. The whole thing is completely bizarre in this context, you could almost imagine yourself somewhere in rural America. Except of course for the weather (dull), the people (not noticeably overweight) and no grass parking lot full of pickup trucks (no parking lot at all). But still. I came expecting to shake my head and mutter about cultural imperialism, but with so many people attracted and/or involved it's obviously not as simple as that.

Competitive grilling